Monday, September 30, 2013

Investing and crystal meth: I love this shit (investing)

Spoiler Alert: Don't read if you don't want to have the ending of Breaking Bad spoiled

The awesome journey that was Breaking Bad has finally come to an end. And as a way to pay my final respects to the show, I chose to write this article about loving your craft the same way Mr. White loves his.

“I did it for me… I liked it…I was good at it…And I was really…I was alive.” –Walter White

We get self-esteem by doing something we love to the best of our abilities. Whether it’s valuing companies, grilling steaks or mixing chemicals (is that what a chemist does? Not sure), I think we can only truly be alive as men when we’re working on our craft and pushing our minds to their limits. Now I know we can’t all have the job of our dreams. But even if you have to take a job you dislike just to make ends meet, doesn’t mean you can’t find some spare time to pursue your real work, your passion, your purpose.   

For me, my craft is investing. I like how I suddenly see clearer for that fraction of a second when I realize that a bank I was analysing has the potential to be the Heisenberg of banks. I like the satisfaction I feel after making all the additions, subtractions and assumptions to figure out the true earnings power of a company. I like the tension I get when I finally made the decision to call my broker to buy a certain stock (I usually follow this up by looking up photos of my crush on Facebook and jerking off). I know it’s cheesy for me to say it, but I just fucking love investing.   

Walter White went out in a meth lab, his final moments were spent touching one of the equipment the same way you would touch the shoulder of your best friend for the last time. To go out with the knowledge that you had the integrity to be fiercely passionate and dedicated to your work, that’s what it truly means to be badass in my book. If I could choose how I would go out, it would be in front of my laptop with an annual report and an excel file open and Julia Sheer’s cover of Little Talks playing in the background.

Side note: I’m not encouraging anyone to build a meth empire and become a drug kingpin. 

Shout out: To those of you who love investing as much as I do, I wish you all the best in honing your craft. Hopefully the day will come when you can scream: 

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