Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sorry about Perusahaan Gas Negara

I would like to take the time to apologize to all of you for not doing my due diligence in my previous analysis of Perusahaan Gas Negara." One of my readers brought to my attention the fact that Pertamina got the approval to takeover Perusahaan Gas Negara. This article here from Upstream confirms what my reader told me.  I should have Googled something like "Perusahaan Gas Negara acquisition" or Perusahaan Gas Negara merger" before publishing my article. Instead, I just wasted your time. The time you took to read my analysis that's not even relevant. 

I don't have an opinion on how the deal will turn out as I don't know the decision making process of the people behind the deal nor do I know the terms of the deal. According to the article in Upstream, Pertamina is looking to carry out a merger between PGN and its own subsidiay, Pertagas. Hopefully this will result in an interesting company as I'm really interested to invest more money in Indonesia over the long-term. But i seriously don't what will happen. At this point, your guess is just as good as mine as to what will happen with this M&A deal.

I'm truly sorry for wasting your time. I will try harder to be more thorough when analysing companies in the future. Take care and stay rational.


  1. Hi Justin,

    No worries. You're still the man!

    1. Thank you! I will endeavour to deliver more good quality articles in the future. Hope to hear from you in the future!