The posts or articles on this blog are simply my opinions. I’m not encouraging anyone to follow my opinions. I’m not a professional wealth manager. I may and probably will make errors in my calculations and analysis from time to time. I may choose not to follow conventional ways of calculating certain figures and the figures I calculate may differ significantly from the actual figures you may get using conventional formulas.  Whatever I write in my articles/posts only represent what I think at the time the articles/posts were published. My opinions on an investment may change over time and I'm not obligated to tell you about any changes in my opinions. Whatever investment decisions you make should be based on your own independent judgement. I will not be responsible for any of your losses.    

What you do with your money is your business. It don’t matter to me whether you invest your money in the next Coca-Cola or blow your money on cocaine. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions and take personal responsibility for both the profits and losses from your investments. That’s what a badass investor does.   

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