Stock Analysis:

Semi-annual performance report for the period ended February 17, 2014

Analysis of Banco de Chile

Analysis of consumer goods giant Unilever

Analysis of Thailand-based KASIKORNBANK

Analysis of Indonesia-based Perusahaan Gas Negara (not relevant)

A tale of 2 British American Tobaccos

Sold my stake in DeNA Co.

Valuing Public Bank, Malaysia’s best bank

Analysis of Singapore-based Overseas Education Limited

Analysis of Prestariang Berhad

Invested in eBay Inc

Malaysia’s best MLM stocks: Zhulian and Amway

Kawan Food Berhad: One delicious Malaysian stock?

Kumpulan Fima Part II: Business fundamentals

Invested in KLCC Property Holdings Berhad 

Invested in Singapore-Based Boardroom Limited

Took a position in Monster Beverage

Investing fundamentals:

Cash management the Warren Buffett way

Gold and other insurance from getting fucked

Profitability Checklist


High frequency trading? Who fucking cares... 

Bullshit financial theories part 4: Higher returns = higher risks

Bullshit financial theories part 3: Industry price/book ratio

Bullshit financial theories part 2: Volatility is risk

Bullshit financial theories part 1: Dollar-cost averaging

Investing and crystal meth: I love this shit (investing)

Economic fallacies from the S&M show

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